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ULC-Energy to collaborate with Rolls-Royce SMR


25 aug. 2022

Rolls-Royce SMR has signed an exclusive agreement with Dutch development company ULC-Energy to work together to realise Rolls-Royce small modular reactors (SMR) in the Netherlands.

ULC-Energy plans to develop nuclear projects with modern, advanced modular reactors based on proven technology. The Rolls-Royce SMR has been selected by ULC-Energy as the supplier of SMR technology of choice.

The Rolls-Royce SMR applies proven nuclear technology to provide affordable, safe, CO2-free electricity and heat. It has developed an innovative way to complete the SMRs where 90% of components are produced under factory conditions. The on-site activities are limited to the assembly of prefabricated and pre-tested modules. With the improved control of the manufacturing processes, the project risk is significantly reduced, ULC-Energy expects that the construction time can be significantly shortened. Rolls-Royce SMR draws on the globally renowned experience and knowledge of the Rolls-Royce group, specifically with regard to automated manufacturing processes, energy systems and nuclear reactor design and construction.

Tom Samson, CEO of Rolls-Royce SMR, comments: "This is a positive and important step to be able to realize Rolls-Royce SMRs in the Netherlands. As part of this agreement with ULC-Energy, who will deploy our technology as developer , we will work closely together to provide affordable low-carbon energy for both domestic and industrial use.”

“The Dutch government believes that nuclear energy can and should play a significant role in the Netherlands and the current challenging conditions in the energy markets make the importance of reliable and affordable energy systems very clear. The Rolls Royce SMR is ideally suited for the Netherlands. With a capacity of 470 MW and a capacity factor of >95%, each unit already makes a significant difference. The power stations can be used efficiently to supply power to the electricity grid or large users, but can also be used for heat production for urban and/or industrial applications.” says Dirk Rabelink of ULC-Energy.

Dirk Rabelink


Please find Rolls Royce version of the press release here:

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