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      Management Team

Dirk Rabelink


Prior to his role at ULC Energy, Dirk has gained extensive general management, commercial and supply chain experience in international energy markets in coal, oil & gas, nuclear and biofuels at BHP Billiton most recently as Commercial Director for Argent Energy. He was educated as a metallurgical engineer at the Technical University of Delft and trained as an investment banker in London. At BHP Billiton Dirk led the commercial nuclear fuel activities for over 5 years

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Bas Suijs

Director Business Development

Bas brings a wealth of experience in commodity trading spanning over 20 years with positions held in Singapore, the United States, London and the Netherlands. Bas holds a Master’s degree from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After managing the nuclear fuel commercial activities for BHP he founded with two partners WMC Energy BV in 2016. WMC is an independent physical commodity merchant and industrial asset development company.

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Michael Hewitt

Director Consulting

Michael brings experience in the public and private sectors and informs how he views the intersection of nuclear technology with commercial deployment. He is a proponent of nuclear energy who brings a healthy level of skepticism and commercial realism to his analyses.  He began his career working on nuclear nonproliferation projects before spending several years as the deputy director of NATO’s office in Moscow, Russia.  He then pivoted to working in the financial services industry for 10 years before starting a consulting business focused on nuclear energy and nuclear fuel projects.

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